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Need a little help pulling it all together?  We would love to  help you add in the final little touches that make every room warm, functional and oh so inviting!  It’s so easy to schedule a consultation; whereas, we will come by and review your space to determine what your needs are.  From there we will be able to envision a fresh design approach that will utilize your small set aside décor budget.   Please do not worry  as we ARE very thrifty in finding you your new found treasures needed in order to freshen up your spaces.  We will then schedule back bringing with us those final  missing items that work off of the different heights, colors and textures of your focus locations.  And While we are there, we will also move and  flip your furniture and other smalls from room to room if needed  (and within reason) sometimes borrowing from other locations.



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$50 fee to measure, review space, take pictures and come up with a cute and interesting game plan per each room.  For a combination open space this fee increases  to $75.  Please add on $25 for each additional area like a hallway, kitchen, stairway or other that is scheduled during the original session.  This fee covers the Design cost needed to pull everything together as we strive hard to offer you creative and fun budget friendly areas.

Based off of your needs,  we will be able to suggest a realistic décor budget.  You should plan on spending a minimal  $200  per room if you are needing some  fresh new items plus an extra 20%  finders fee to obtain and then bring these items to you.  We extreme bargain shop  to have numerous things to work with, and then we layer in our inexpensive finds so as to create  unique and affordable spaces.  Some areas have larger needs and  will require a larger décor budget when available.  This number is totally up to you, but plan on spending $200 plus 20% at a minimum per each room just to be able to have some fresh additions.

We will schedule a flip date approximately two weeks out to allow us enough time to plan, craft and obtain your items.  Staging fees apply @ $1.00 per square foot or a minimum of $100  (whatever amount is larger) to set your realistic movable furniture, hang pictures and rotate your smalls about from other areas to the focus location.  Sorry we can only  revamp rooms that we have  previously scheduled and planned out regardless of the need to sometimes borrow things from other locations.  Never fear though as you can always schedule us back out to conquer any other remaining challenges.

We offer a payment plan in three separate transactions.  The planning fee is due at the time of consultation.  After we have reviewed your area and your budget, we will collect the décor portion to order all of your new fun smalls to bring back with us.  The final staging fee will be due on the flip date.  We also charge $.60 a mile for every mile OVER 40 round trip if you are housed very far away from our lobby.  This extra travel fee would apply to both trips out for us.  Also any new large furniture pieces  could require a delivery fee if needed.

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