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I  have always had a keen eye for design, and not designer or fancy labels as growing up these type of things were completely off the radar.  It never occurred to me at the time, but we were very financially challenged yet my parents always made sure that I had all the things in life that really and truly mattered. You see my mom was from a large family of six girls who grew up in Sachse, TX—a small rural town that her family founded on the outskirts of Dallas County.  She spent her younger years with her sisters picking cotton on the family farm,  and in the evenings they did their  homework by the light of antique lanterns as the rural parts of Dallas did not yet have power.  Dinner time though,  was very entertaining as you could imagine with six girls gathered around a large dining table.   All one could ever hear  was the sound of giggling laughter echoing through the hallways of their tiny  wood frame house. They were incredibly happy despite the few things that they had and the hardships that they endured.

And so my life growing up was not about  the material things in life, but rather the happy memories that you make when family is around.  One day my parents bought a sewing machine and l spent endless hours sewing and ripping out  seams from the countless projects that I had been crafting.  It’s  amazing the things that will literally change your life. Buy your kids art books,  encourage their dreams and then teach them what hard work is. Who would have known  back then, but that well used sewing machine would eventually take me 1,400 miles away from OUR tiny rural town.

The next year or two was really very enlightening as  I quickly found out that world was much bigger than I ever had imagined.  I eagerly filled my days with art, fashion and design classes at  The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles, CA.  In the end Fashion Design did not turn out to be my calling, but it made me keenly aware that I was truly a designer.  I just did not know of what type yet as I was very good at creating  things from very little means.

Eventually I made my way back to the outskirts of Dallas where my husband and I raised our children and lovingly remodeled his family’s 100 year old homestead located in Farmersville, TX.  And since that time we have bought, staged and flipped several more period & older homes, always turning them into the cutest places that anyone would love to call home. Today we are blessed to not face the struggles of our parents, but my husband and I  work very hard at our jobs each and every day still.   Currently we share dual residence in both Farmersville and Dallas, but our heart will always be in this tiny Texas town.  Together we have run a small mom & pop Automotive Repair Shop for almost the past 30 years now.  And along the way he has always encouraged me in my endeavors knowing full well that he would be helping me with the countless endless projects that I literally wake up dreaming about in the wee hours of the night.

Today we share joint office space for Patrick’s Automotive & Dream Designs Dallas where I have spent the last few years planning and staging weddings, houses and commercial retail spaces. You see I am a stager and I layer in little  elements  creating spectacular and dreamy scenes from inexpensive pieces.  And just because something looks good don’t assume that’s it’s too expensive—you are  seeing pictures of someone who knows how to layer details. Together we have also previously owned an ran the sweetest little tea room on our historic downtown square called Rosie’s Java House & Tea Room where we served gourmet sandwiches, soups & salads that we paired with specialty teas & coffees, like our Layered Raspberry Latte and our infamous Chicken Salad.  People are still talking about it 10 years later.  Call me and I’ll give you the recipes. We have also owned two different antique stores –  Room by Room with an emphasis on Interior Home Staging and  All That Glitters; a small boutique store that housed tiny inexpensive treasures.  And I have also helped numerous Antique, Other Store Fronts & Realtors with various forms of Staging throughout the years.

Today I spend my days building floral & staging weddings and I absolutely adore the days I get to play with commercial display pieces.  Storefront & home staging have always been my thing, as I literally wake up dreaming about the individual elements that make for creative and unique settings.   And whether I am placing simple greenery, décor or needed foundation pieces – each and every detail is placed to accent what is sitting next to it.   And even though I may utilize some very inexpensive objects, combined all of these pretty things make for incredibly detailed photos!  And whether you are needing big or small or perhaps even JUST FLORAL – call us at Dream Designs Dallas to help you affordably stage YOUR wonderful dreamy photo backdrop.

Sharon’s Civic Duties have included:  Previous Historical Society President & Volunteer, Chamber Board Member & Volunteer & Main Street Volunteer serving on numerous boards, committees and sub-committees for all three entities.  She helped to establish The Farmers and Flea Market,  Scare on the Square, The Farmersville Beautification Committee, The Signage Committee & has worked on numerous Festivals, Banquets, Fund Raisers and Programs throughout the years.


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